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Edmonton police dog a beloved family pet

By Jamie Hall, edmontonjournal.com October 17, 2011

EDMONTON - When he’s not on the job, Edmonton Police Service dog Xeiko is, well, a pussycat. Give him a crime scene and the scent of a bad guy on the lam, and he turns into a bulldog, charging up, over, around and through any obstacle that stands in his way.

Strictly speaking, of course, he is neither bulldog nor pussycat, but rather a Belgian malinois.

And that makes him one of a kind in the ranks of the Edmonton Police Service’s canine unit.

The 11 other canine officers who patrol Edmonton’s ever-increasing mean streets are German shepherds, a breed more typically associated with police work.

According to Xeiko’s partner and handler, Cst. Jason Born, a lot of other cities are using the Belgian Malinois breed for police work, and for very good reason.

“They have a very good nose for scent work, which is important,” says Born. “Plus they’re high-energy, high-drive dogs; they have lots of passion for doing the work, which is crucial.”

They’re also a bit smaller than shepherds, and as such have a longer life expectancy. While shepherds live for between nine and 11 years, for a malinois it’s more like 11 to 15 years.

Typically, police departments get their canine recruits from breeders when the dogs are anywhere between three to 18 months old. Xeiko, however, who is originally from Holland, was three years old when he was imported by a local breeder and acquired by the EPS. Born is his first handler.

An eight-year veteran of the EPS, Born has been with the canine unit for nearly a year. When he got the posting, it was the realization of a career goal. The work is intense, immediate and extremely gratifying.

“You have a chance to make a difference with this job,” says Born. “Our main goal is to locate suspects that have fled from a crime scene. A lot of times the canine unit is the last resort to find that person.”

Recently, Born and Xeiko were summoned to an Edmonton restaurant after a patrol unit answered an intrusion alarm in the middle of the night and found a broken window. When dog and handler arrived, Xeiko picked up a track almost immediately.

He followed his nose all the way to an alley a few blocks away, chasing down and apprehending two fleeing suspects who ignored Born’s repeated commands to stop.

Calls like this one are a staple of the job, says Born. Xeiko’s reward for a job well done is pretty simple, and far less than the cost of a good steak. In fact, food doesn’t factor into at all, but rather a toy called a “tug.”

“We carry it with us all the time,” says Born. “It’s essentially a chew toy. When we’re finished, that’s his reward, and he’s happy to get that. He gets to chew on it till we get back to the car.”

Xeiko and Born are together 24/7. They work together. They live together.

At home, Xeiko is very much a family pet, adored by Born’s two young sons, who are eight and 10. The dog has been on visits to the boys’ elementary school, and to meet-and-greets at seniors’ centres throughout the city. It’s all part of the job.

“The unit gets lots of requests throughout the year,” says Born. “It’s fun. It’s nice to get into the community and give back. And he’s a pretty sociable dog.

“He knows the difference between work and play.”



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Cuja’s Xeiko in het nieuws.


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Break and Enter
Case #:
Posted By
Cst BORN )

At 0243 hours S28 responded to the Boston Pizza located at 10115-Princess Elizabeth Ave on a report of a Break and Enter complaint. Upon arrival PSD Xeiko was deployed in a tracking capacity and established a track which led to an alley east of 101 St. Upon entering the alley 2 suspects were observed fleeing northbound in the alley. S28 provided numerous verbal warnings to the suspects, which were not complied to. PSD Xeiko was then sent in an apprehension capacity and was able to apprehend one of the suspects. The second suspect was then arrested nearby by a patrol member. 2 youths are facing charges of Break and Enter.