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Dear Friends of Working Dogs for Conservation,

We're knee-deep in winter here in Montana, shoveling our way out of two feet of snow.  

While the snow was flying here, we headed off to warmer climes to attend this year's Wildlife Conservation Network events in the San Francisco Bay area.

We're thankful to Charlie Knowles and the WCN staff for generously welcoming us to this year's events where we had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jane Goodall, learn from and share ideas with conservationists from around the world, present our work to a number of people who had not yet heard of WDC and meet-up with friends made at last year's event.

At the same time, work was underway in the northern Cascade mountains in Washington to locate the sign of critical carnivore species potentially impacted by roads in that area.

More projects are still underway and we are busy filling our next project calendar.

We want to give a big thanks to all of you for keeping this exciting work moving forward.

All the Best,

Megan Parker

Executive Director


Dr. Jane Goodall takes a moment to visit with Pepin and Megan Parker, WDC Executive Director, at the Wildlife Conservation Network's Annual Expo in San Francisco California.


Dr. Goodall gets a kiss from Pepin


Cuja’s Pepin (stamboomnaam Varekai) werkt met Megan Parker bij Working Dogs for Conservation in Montana.

Pepin is uit de combinatie Cuja’s Hierro van Albert Donkersteeg, PHI lof, PHII lof en Object lof, tevens tweemaal deelgenomen aan de Nederlandse Kampioenschappen. X Cuja’s Saskia Shira, dochter van onze dekreu Andries van Joefarm.

De zus van Pepin, Cuja’s Vaya werd in 2007 uitgeroepen als beste Explosieven Hond in Amerika wegens het vinden van een enorme hoeveelheid explosieven in een woning van een vermeende All Quada terrorist.


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